Contact information:

Address: 105005, 2-nd Baumanskaya, 5, Moscow, Russia External link, Research and Education Center “Photonics and Infrared Technology”, laboratory “Terahertz optical technology”

Telephone and Fax: +7 499 263-60-04


Information for students:

How to join us?

Professional skill of modern research activity in the international projects is known to be obtained during many-year experience. It demands high level of education and personal qualities, hard-working, persistence and curiosity.

Second-year and higher students are allowed to make a research in our laboratory.

Students who work in our laboratory have an opportunity to get education of high research level within the scientific projects. One of the main goals for our laboratory is to grow up high-skilled researchers of the world level before the graduation from the University. This task is rather ambitious and difficult, but nevertheless, is being successfully solved by our laboratory team.

In order to work in our laboratory it is necessary to have a number of personal qualities and pass several tests. There are no common demands, but here are some special requirements for students:

  1. High level of knowledge in general physics and mathematics is mandatory.
  2. Successful interview with the head of the laboratory or with the fellow-researchers.
  3. Advanced English is extremely encouraged. English is the official language of all international projects, so every candidate ought to have enough language skill.
  4. Special skills: programming is extremely encouraged (it is an essential part of every modern research); knowledge of special fields of physics and experimental skill are desirable, but not necessary. Most of the professional experience will be obtained during the internship in the laboratory.
Personal qualities:

Hard-working, ability to work in a team, learning skills, tendency to the interdisciplinary projects are demanded.

Research internship:

2-3 week laboratory internship including fulfilment of a trial-task of research quality under the guidance of a research-fellow from the laboratory (ordinary – during student vacation in January and July or during each semester, depending on the personal agreement).

The final decision about the continuing (or failure) of working within the laboratory team and further development depends on the results of the aforementioned tests, self-demonstration and internship.